DAY 6 (food)

Latvian cousine is primarily meat, potatoes and dairy. Also fish is commonly consumed due to Latvia’s location on the East coast of the Baltic Sea.

If you travel to Latvia and have the pleasure of being invited into a Latvian home, you will be rushed into the room, sat down and offered a beverage accompanied with a sweet baked treat or appetizer. You will see this as a pattern from house to house. Coffee pot will start brewing within 2 minutes.

So let’s learn a few useful words and phrases for such occasion.

ēdiens – food

ēst – to eat

vai tu gribi ēst – do you want to eat

jā, es esmu izsalcis – yes, I am hungry

kafija – coffee

tēja – tea

alus – beer

sula – juice

piens – milk

ūdens – water

vīns – wine

siers – cheese

maize – bread

siera maize – cheese-bread

maize ar sieru – bread with cheese

āboli – apples (pl)

ābolmaize – apple pie

kartupelis – potato

gaļa – meat (any kind)

vistas gaļa – chicken meat

cūkas gaļa – pork meat

liellopu gaļa – beef meat

man garšo – I like (meaning, enjoy the taste of smth.)

man garšo kafija ar pienu – I like coffee with milk

paldies par pusdienām – thank you for dinner

man ļoti garšoja pusdienas – I really enjoyed dinner (meaning, I found dinner to be really delicious)

es gribu vēl – I want more

brokastis – breakfast

pusdienas – lunch

vakariņas – dinner

Click video below to hear pronunciation

Also, watch video about food from one of our visits to Latvia




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