DAY 12 (the alphabet)

There is a consistent relationship between spelling and pronunciation in Latvian language. Each letter and each vowel combination has its on sound that does not change. Latvian is pronounced as it is written.


The Latvian alphabet consists of 33 letters: 24 consonants and 9 vowels:

a, ā, b, c, č, d, e, ē, f, g, ģ, h, i, ī, j, k, ķ, l, ļ, m, ņ, ņ, o, p, r, s, š, t, u, ū, v, z, ž

There are 11 distinctive letters in Latvian alphabet:

ā       (ahh    -as in farm)

č       (chuh -as in church)

ē        (ehh   -as in bagel)

ģ       (d       -as in dewdue)

ī        (ee       -as in feet)

ķ       (like letters t and j together )

ļ        (l          -as in lewd)

ņ       (n        -as in new)

š       (sh       – as in shout)

ū       (oo       -as in cool)

ž       (zhuh -as in seizure)

Click video below to hear pronunciation


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