DAY 15 (house and yard)

Before we talk about about things inside your house (rooms, furniture etc.), let’s learn a few words and phrases about a house itself and a few things in the yard.

house māja
logs window
durvis door
jumts roof
skurstenis chimney
pagalms yard
garāža garage
mašīna car
piebraucamais ceļš drive way
pagrabs basement
aiz           behind
pie by
uz on
zem under
aiz mājas ir dārzs behind the house is a garden
pie mājas ir ceļš by the house is a road
uz mājas ir jumts on the house is a roof
zem mājas ir pagrabs under the house is a basement

Now we will describe this image:

7.jpgŠī ir mana māja. Manai mājai ir zaļš jumts un baltas durvis. Pagalmā ir garāža manai mašīnai un suņu būda manam sunim. Aiz mājas ir dārzs. Man ir viena mašīna. Mana mašīna ir sarkana.

This is my house. My house has a green roof and white door. In the yard is a garage for my car and a dog house for my dog. Behind the house is a garden. I have one car. My car is red.

Watch video for pronunciation




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