There are lots of reasons why people learn a foreign language. For some it’s love and relationships, for others it’s a necessity for business and travel, and for many more – a struggle to keep connected with their family roots from generation to generation.

In my case, I speak fluent Latvian, however, I live abroad and my husband’s first language is English. So as you can see, his reason for learning Latvian, is his love for me and wanting to relate to me and my culture in all ways possible.

I decided to create a blog to help my husband learn Latvian and I hope it will help someone else as well. Language learning can be so overwhelming. We have started it too many times with study books and vocabularies and given up on it a short while later. I decided to take a very simple approach to learning – learn a word, a phrase or a subject a day and hope that you will be able to have a conversation in Latvian by the end of the year!

As you can see, the site is just starting up, please be patient and come visit as often as you can. I have lots of ideas, and I will try my best to make the learning experience fun and interactive._DSC5751-2




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