DAY 16 (in the house – kitchen)

Language learning can be difficult if you are not taking structured classes and you just learn a word here and there on your own. We have actually tried labeling everything  around the house with Latvian words – kitchen cabinets, doors, window, lamps and tables.

But honestly, it helps for a few days and suddenly you no longer notice the stickers and completely forget about practicing. A month later it can be really cumbersome to get those stickers removed from all over the house :). Maybe it would work for you. If not, watch my videos and practice along.

Today we will learn how to name a few things in the kitchen!

virtuve kitchen (f)
ledusskapis refrigerator (m) 
izlietne sink (f)
trauku skapis dish cabinet (m)
virtuves skapis kitchen cabinet (m)
mikroviļņu krāsns microwave (f)
trauku mazgājamā mašīna dishwasher (f)
plīts stove (f)
ēdamgalds drive way (m)
trauki dishes pl. (m)
katls pot (m)
panna pan (f)
dakša / nazis / karote fork (f) / knife (m) / spoon (f)
plīts stove (f)
ēdamgalds dining table (m)
trauki dishes pl. (m)
es esmu virtuvē I am in the kitchen
es gatavoju ēst I am cooking

Watch video below for pronunciation: