DAY 2 (my name is)

One of the first things you will need to know is how to introduce yourself. Here are a few ways to say your name:

Mans vārds ir Anna    – My name is Anna

Mani sauc Anna           – My name is Anna (I am called Anna)

Es esmu Anna              – I am Anna

Labdien, mani sauc Anna! Es esmu no Amerikas/Anglijas/Zviedrijas/Vācijas etc. – Hello, my name is Anna! I am from America/England/Sweden/Germany etc.

Kā tevi sauc?               – What is your name?

Let’s also learn personal pronouns today as we will be creating sentences later on.

es         – I                          mēs       – we

tu         – you                    jūs         – you (pl. or formal)

viņš     – he                      viņi        – they (all male or mixed group)

viņa    – she                     viņas     – they (all female)

Click video below to hear pronunciation

MUST KNOW! There are two forms of “you” in Latvian Language:

The singular and informal tu (you) is used when addressing a child, a friend, a member of a family or someone you know well.

The plural or polite jūs (you) is used not only for more than one person, but also when addressing strangers or adults who are not close friends.