DAY 3 (commonly used words in daily life)

So far we have learned how to introduce ourselves and how to say hello and goodbye. Now let’s learn a few very common and helpful words that you can use constantly without knowing much else:

 – yes

  • Jā, es runāju latviski mazliet – yes, I speak Latvian a little bit

 – no

  • Nē, es nerunāju latviski – no, I do not speak Latvian

paldies – thank you

  • Paldies par dāvanu – Thank you for the gift

lūdzu – please                          

  • Lūdzu palīdzi man – please help me

labi – good/ok

  • Man iet labi – I am doing good (I’m well)

slikti -bad

  • Man ir slikti – I am not feeling well

es saprotu – I understand        

  • Es saprotu tikai angliski – I only understand English

es nesaprotu – I do not understand

  • Es tevi nesaprotu – I do not understand you

es gribu – I want

  • Es gribu iet uz parku – I want to go to the park

es negribu – I don’t want

  • Es negribu iet uz kino – I do not want to go to the movie


NOTE! To form the negative of the verb, add -ne in front of it. This applies to any verb in Latvian:

es saprotu / es nesaprotu  –  I understand/ I do not understand

es gribu / es negribu            –  I want / I do not want

es runāju / es nerunāju        – I speak / I do not speak

Click video below to hear pronunciation