DAY 4 (family)

It’s only been 3 days but you should already be able to greet someone in Latvian, tell your name, where you are from and use basic phrases like yes, no, please and thank you. Now let’s add family in the mix.

Labdien, mani sauc Anna! Man iet labi. Es esmu no Amerikas un es runāju mazliet latviski. Man ir maza ģimene – mamma, tētis un viena māsa. Manu māsu sauc Linda. Viņa nesaprot latviski.

Hello, my name is Anna! I am doing well. I am from America and I speak a little Latvian. I have a small family – mom, dad and one sister. My sisters name is Linda. She does not understand Latvian.

ģimene – family

šī ir mana ģimene – this is my family

mamma – mom

tētis – dad

bērns – child

brālis – brother

māsa – sister

manu māsu / brāli sauc Linda/Artis – my sister /brother is called Linda/Artis

es esmu/neesmu precējies – I am / am not married (m)

es esmu/neesmu precējusies – I am / am not married (f)

man ir – I have

man nav – I do not have

man ir bērni – I have children

man nav bērnu – I do not have children

man ir liela ģimene – I have a big family

man ir maza ģimene – I have a small family

Click video below to hear pronunciation