DAY 5 (love)

Before we take on our next subject, let’s learn a few words about LOVE! Yes, I am pretty sure that many of you are searching for Latvian lessons online thanks to love, friendship, new relationship with a Latvian person ♥♥♥ There are several phrases that we always learn in a foreign language and saying “I love you” is one of them!

mīlestība – love

es mīlu tevi – I love you

Vai tu mani mīli? – Do you love me?

tu esi skaista meitene  – you are beautiful girl

mana draudzene – my girlfriend (also, my female friend)

mans draugs – my boyfriend (also, my male friend)

bučas – kisses

dod man bučas – give me a kisses

tu man ļoti patīc – I like you a lot (I really like you)

es gribu ar tevi darudzēties! – I want to be friends with you

Vai tu gribi iet uz kino ar mani? – Do you want to go to the movies with me?

romantiskas vakariņas – romantic dinner

Cute Latvian sayings:

meitene kā puķe – girl as a flower (meaning beautiful as a flower)

es esmu iemīlējies līdz ausīm – I am in love up to my ears (basically – head over heals in love with someone)

Click video below to hear pronunciation