DAY 8 (question words)

There are lots of question words in Latvian and most of them happen to start with a letter “K” just like in English majority of question words start with a “W”.

Kas? – What?

Kas tas ir? – What is that?

Kas tev garšo? – What do you like (as in taste, we learned this word when talking about food)

Kur? – Where?

Kur tu esi? – Where are you?

Kur atrodas banka? – Where is the bank located?

Ko? – What?

Ko tu dari? – What are you doing?

Ko tu gribi ēst? – What do you want to eat?

Kāpēc? – Why?

Kāpēc tu raudi? – Why are you crying?

Kāpēc tu negribi iet uz kino? – Why don’t you want to go to the movies?

Kad? – When?

Kad tu nāksi ciemos? – When are you coming to visit?

Kad tu būsi atpakaļ? – When will you be back?

Cik? – How (much)?

Cik tev ir gadu? – How old are you?

Cik ir pulkstens? – What time is it?

Vai? – a question word, typically  to form yes/no questions. Similar to do/does?

Vai tev patīk Latvija? – Do you like Latvia?

Vai tu gribi iet peldēties? – Do you want to go swimming?

Vai tava māsa runā latviski? – Does your sister speak Latvian?

Of course, there are more question words in Latvian, but we will learn those later on.

Click video below to hear pronunciation