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12 thoughts on “GUESTBOOK

  1. Labdien!

    Thank-you so much for this site. I think it is amazing.
    My mum’s side is all Latvian and were sent to Australia during the War. My grandma, her sisters and their parents were all sent to Australia during the war and my Grandpa and Great grandpa were sent off to war to defend Latvia.
    I was brought up with mainly on my mothers side with my grandma because she would have because my dad and mum were at work. So from about the age of 3 I was exposed to two grandparents whom spoke Latvian all the time.
    I was never able to speak it, how ever I was and I am still able to, listen and understand most of the conversations my mum and grandma have, As well as the conversations that take place at the Latvian functions that occur in Brisbane Australia.
    By using this site I really hope to build a basis to my Latvian as well as refer to my Mum and Grandma to help further everything I’m taught here.


  2. Hello there from Israel !
    I would like to thank you for this loveling website with those amazing videos. for a long time I’ve been searching for a decent site to learn Latvian on the internet and found none.
    This is the first time i’m finding a high-class resourse for latvian learning, I hope that you will add more and more videos and vocab’ soon, for all of those like me all over the world who want to learn latvian.
    again, thank you very much, hope to find soon some new material and learn this lovely language more and more. (:


  3. Greetings, Serbia calling!

    I find this website very useful since I’m quite new with Latvian! My wish is to learn more about Latvian culture, tradition, music and language. Explanation is short – I have a girlfriend from Latvia and I’m very proud on that fact.

    Serbian and Latvian are quite different, although I already managed to notice a lot of similarities…

    I wish you luck and please, keep this website alive! There are people who need it!

    Best wishes from Serbia,


  4. Hello from Italy!!!!!
    I’m going to write a report on Latvia (history, economy, population, tradition….) and I would like to learn a bit of Lativian ^_^
    Thank you so much for this site!!!! I will not be able to talk perfectly in Latvian but I will know something new about Latvia and its awesomeness!!!
    I am very interesting about this Country, its culture and language!!!!

    Best wishes from Rome!!!!



  5. Sveiki from America!

    I want to thank you for setting up this website to allow people to catch a glimpse of the Latvian language. I will be traveling to Latvia in the summer and am very excited to learn as much as I can about the language and your country. I know that the language in Latvia is very diverse, one young lady I talked with from Latvia suggested I take a class in Russian before I went to give me an extra step up on my visit. Would you suggest the same? I am attending a community college and they do not provide a course on the Latvian Language but they do have an introduction class to the Russian Language. What are you thoughts?

    I really enjoyed watching your first video, I’m going to be watching and studying it more. I hope you keep adding more information to this website.

    Best wishes from Ohio.


    1. Well,Me as an Latvian would suggest you to learn some greeting phrases in Latvian because there is no point to learn Russian as Latvians will consider trying to speak to them in Russian as insult. And mostly all people can speek English so it shouldn’t be a problem for you!

      Have a good time there,
      Elina from England


    2. To learn another language always is helpful, so, some basic Russian would not do any harm. My grandmother (born 1905., Jelgava, Latvia) knew 5 languages and was not specially gifted. But considering those heavy Russification efforts and atrocities by soviets against Latvians, would be nice, if You would learn some Latvian if You would travel to Latvia. There is Latvian Language Program at University of Kent, OH – info:; Latvian school: Inga Reineka – admin: (440) 582-4595, I worked together at Latvian W.Coast Summer H-school “Kursa” with minister Pauls Barbins, he is wonderful teacher:, … Good luck – Inguna Galvina (on Facebook)


  6. My mom told me about this site yesterday. It sounded great, and guess what? It is! Very well put together website. Can’t wait to start learning!!!


  7. Hi!
    You have a great blog. I like it a lot. I have my own
    Only in my blog I write the articles in Latvian about Spain and in Spanish about Latvia as there isn’t as much material about Latvia in Spanish as in English.
    I have some friends that want to learn Latvian, I’ll advise them to see your blog.



  8. Was reunited with my birth mother in 2013 and found out that her father was from Lithuania so I am interested in knowing the language he spoke before he moved here in the very early 1900s. Just knowing some of the basics would be great!


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